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How long you been a member of the ALA?
To which Unit do you belong?
What work have you done at the Unit, Department, and National levels?
What programs are your favorite and why?
Why do you want to lead the National organization?
What other organizations/non-profits do you support?
What kind of work do you do?
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• How long has Nancy been a member of the ALA?

Nancy became a member of The American Legion Family when she was born. Her parents, Jean and Richard Brown, were active members in Unit and Post at Hamilton Field located in Novato, California.

"My family (mom, dad and I) transferred to San Anselmo Unit 179 when I was very young, but not sure how old I was.  I do remember spending lots of time at the Log Cabin for many different events.  Even sleeping on the benches in the hall - and can you believe it, they are still there.  I was just recently at the Log Cabin to help the brand new unit. The building seemed so small to me.  I remember thinking it was quite large when I was young."

As a Junior member, Nancy attended functions and meetings with her parents, participated in California’s Annual Junior Conference, and has the distinction of being an Honorary Junior President - twice.  

" My mom was very instrumental in starting up the Department Honorary Junior program so I served as the first Honorary President and was elected the next year as Honorary Junior President, for real."

• To which Unit does Nancy belong?

Nancy is now an active member of East Palo Alto Unit #472, District 26, Department of California, which is the first electronic Unit in the Nation. The members communicate and hold meetings via teleconferencing, email, a Yahoo Group, facsimiles, etc.

• What work has Nancy done at the Unit, Department, and National levels?

"The American Legion Auxiliary has played a major roll in my life. I served as Honorary Department Junior President (twice) and eventually followed in my mother’s footsteps being elected Department President in 2002-2003.

"My experience serving on the national level has been rewarding and educational.  It has helped me to grow both personally and professionally.

"A large portion of my Auxiliary experience has been working with the Girls State Program. I served as Assistant Director, Director and was on the Girls State committee for several years. I continue today working with the program’s curriculum and as a senior counselor.

"Serving as National Junior Activities Chairman, we updated the patch program to create a more challenging program.

"My experience as National Public Relations Chairman gave me an opportunity to learn about new technology and work to develop new strategies for our current publications to better communicate with Departments and Units.

"National Security was an opportunity to become more involved with Military Children and their parents.  Serving as National Security Chairman with the National Junior Activities Chairman we hosted the first Junior Canteen at National Convention.

"Membership allowed me to plan a strategy to help departments be successful in their membership drive.

"I’m currently serving as National Children & Youth Chairman giving me an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of veteran and military children.

"Along with my national chairmanship, I’m currently working on the following committees: National LRSP Committee Member and the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation."

Current District 26
Children & Youth Chairman
Legislative Chairman

Department of California
Department President - 2002-2003
NEC 2003-2004

National Vice Chairman Junior Activities 2003-2004
National Chairman Junior Activities 2004-2005
National Chairman Junior Activities 2005-2006 (Almost Poppy Chairman)
National Public Relations Chairman 2006-2007
National Security Chairman 2007-2008
National Constitution & Bylaws Chairman 2008-2009
National Membership Chairman 2009-2010
National Children & Youth Chairman 2010-2011

Other Veteran-related Work
State Coordinator Ride 2 Recovery
• What programs are Nancy's favorite and why?

Working with youth is a passion for Nancy. She particularly enjoys attending California Girls State.

"I started the first year we went to Squaw Valley and to be honest I can't remember when that was."

Nancy has served on the Girls State Committee and 6 years as Director. As director Nancy's goal was to develop a diverse, young and relevant staff. Today, California Girls State has a highly diverse, talented,  and excellent staff.  

As a counselor of both cities and counties, she spent many sleepless nights caring for the Girls State Citizens, assisting at all levels and is still active today serving as Dean of County Counselors.  

One of her new favorite activities is being the oldest member of the "Flash Mob".  It was great fun!

• Why does Nancy want to lead the National organization?

"I'm excited to serve the national organization and hope I can make a difference along the way.  I have a real passion for all that serve and those that have served and their families.  

"My dad, uncle and husband all served in the military, so I guess that's where my respect first started.  I've spent the last 64 years in the legion family.  

"It is hard not to have a passion once you have had the opportunities I have had during those years to serve, help and lobby for  Hero's and the need of their families."

• What other organizations/non-profits does Nancy support?

Nancy is a member of the 8 et 40 (about 20 years), Departmental de California.

"Currently my husband Jim and I attend a Unity Church in Marin County. I also belong to the Marin Republican Women."

• What kind of work does Nancy do?

With her husband, Jim Park, an active Legion member of Santa Clara Post 419, Nancy owns and operates a sales and marketing company, Brown-Park Sales.

The business keeps Jim and Nancy traveling to New York, Oregon, Washington State, Utah and sometimes other countries.  They have a customer-base that includes Fred Meyer, Kroger, Amazon.com, Overstock.com, Walmart,com and a few more.